DALI lighting controls is an international lighting standard that provides a single interface for all light sources and controllers. Inventronics offers indoor and outdoor DALI-certified programmable LED drivers that range from 40W up to 600W. These Controls-Ready drivers are designed with enhanced features to provide top-of-the-line performance. They are capable of hundreds of configurations via the programming interface to drastically reduce inventory and help reduce design lead-time.  We offer DALI LED drivers in numerous form factors to ensure you find the ideal DALI solution for your lighting application.

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This product has been discontinued. The SDD-APFNx converts a PWM signal to 0-10V signal. The output is relative to PWM duty cycle. The output is not related to the amplitude of PWM signal.
Signal Input: PWM
IP Rating: IP66
This product has been discontinued. The DALI controller can convert DALI command to control the LED lamp’s current via LED driver’s 0-10V interface, turn on or off LED lamp via internal switch. It complies with DALI protocol IEC62386-101,102,207 (2009 version).
Signal Input: DALI
IP Rating: IP67