Seoul Semiconductor Demo Kit
Hangzhou, China

Inventronics works with a variety of LED manufacturers to ensure we continue to develop products that are reliable, easy to use, install and upgrade.  As a part of this effort, Inventronics teamed with Seoul Semiconductor, LEDil and a Bluetooth lighting controls module to showcase product compatibility in a fully assembled demo kit to be used for plug and play demonstrations.

The EBS-040SxxxDTE series of LED drivers has been designed-in to the Seoul Semiconductor demo kit designed for OEMs with street, tunnel, area, urban and industrial lighting applications.  The EBS family includes 40W, 80W, 120W and 160W models.  They are constant-power, programmable IP20 drivers offering 0-10V, PWM and multiple timer dimming options.  They also provide industry-leading surge protection of 6kV line-to-line, 10kV line-to-earth and thermal sensing protection for the LED module.  The convenient push terminals provide flexibility, easier installation and reduces production and installation costs.

The EBS family is Zhaga compatible and ideal for the more compact and slim European luminaires.  They are suitable for use in outdoor luminaires of Protection Class I and II, built-in use for outdoor applications and can be upgraded to become an ‘independent’ LED driver so you can mount them outside a luminaire enclose for IP20 applications.

Each EBS series is Controls-Ready by offering dim-to-off capabilities and an always-on auxiliary power of 12Vdc/200mA making them easier to integrate with sensors and control systems on a vast aray of lighting controls networks.   Seoul Semiconductor chose to pair these drivers with a Bluetooth compatible controls module which utilizes the EBS’ 0-10V dimming interface to act as both a controller and a power supply eliminating the need for extra components.  The Bluetooth compatible controls module is controlled wirelessly with smartphone and tablet applications.

The EBS-040SxxxDTE is also paired with the Seoul Wicop 5050 and Y22 LED modules to provide the best color distribution, higher efficacy and an increased lifetime. Seoul also chose the LEDil Strada lenses to supply a wide variety of different beams suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.  The Strada series includes silicone versions for increased durability and thermal resistance. All of these products included in the demo kit were especially designed for street lighting and provide highly efficient and uniform lighting.

Inventronics will continue to seek partnerships that provide solutions in all key market applications that focus on industry-specific requirements and capabilities that provide OEMs maximum value.  Inventronics is a global enterprise headquartered in Hangzhou China with offices in the United States, Netherlands, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, and India, as well as, warehouses in China, North America and the Netherlands.  Combined with their global partner network, they are ready to serve you wherever you are with an in-house technical support team and superior customer service.