high input voltage LED Driver 600 watt series
Hangzhou, China

Inventronics has announced the release of a family of programmable 600W high-voltage input, constant voltage LED drivers.  The ESV-600SxxxST/SV series are IP67 rated and offer industry leading surge protection of 6kV line-to-line and 10kV line-to-earth.  They provide exceptional built-in protection with Input Under Voltage protection (IUVP) and Input Over Voltage protection (IOVP) and are a rugged, reliable option for lighting in challenging applications including sports arena and horticultural. The lifetime of these drivers is calculated to be 117,000 hours when operating with a case temperature of 70°C

The ESV-600SxxxST/SV series offers 2 programmable models with 48V and 54V output voltages, can be programmed at a wide output current range between 0 and 12.5A and support an input of 249-528Vac. These drivers are suitable to replace the use of multiple lower wattage drivers reducing cost, minimizing inventory and saving on installation space. It can also be used to provide the bus voltage in a distributed architecture application.

This new series is approved to UL, FCC, CE, ENEC and CB standards. Production quantities of the ESV-600SxxxST/SV series are available now.