Low Power 30 watt constant current LED Drivers
Hanghzou, China

The EUC Family of constant-current LED drivers is ideal for lower power luminaires that may be subject to environment and space constrained challenges. They are available in popular fixed output currents and offer increased flexibility through isolated 0-10V dimming and a compact shape that allows them to be installed in space constrained luminaires.

The EUC family is expanding to include 30W models whose compact metal housing is ideal for flood, wall packs, and architectural decorative lighting applications, as well as low-power street lighting. The new 30W series compliments the existing 26W, 35W, 40W and 60W models. They operate over a 90-305 Vac input range while providing exceptional thermal performance and a total harmonic distortion (THD) under 10%.

The EUC-30SxxxDTM/DVM provides a higher input surge protection with 4kV line-to-line and 6kV line-to-earth and incorporates input under voltage (IUVP) and input over voltage (IOVP) protection for installations where the power may be unstable.  DTM versions are IP66 rated and suitable for built-in use while DVM versions are IP67 rated and suitable for independent use.

The new series offers 3 models that deliver 350, 500 and 700mA of output current.  They are highly reliable and have a calculated lifetime to be at least 88,000 hours when operating at 80% load with a case temperature of 75˚C.


The EUC-030SxxxDTM/DVM models are approved to UL, FCC, CE, KS, TUV, CB and CCC standards. Production quantities are available now.