Non Isolated LED driver
Hangzhou, China

Inventronics expands their IP20, LMT LED driver family to include 160W models that provide lighting designers and specifiers with the high-quality light they require with a flicker-free performance and low output current ripple of 2% (< 200Hz)  giving it a consistent light quality performance.

The LMT-160SxxxSTF series is designed to offer OEMs complete driver flexibility supplying the full 160W of power with an adjustable output current from 500-1500mA via an external resistor. The series offers a more compact Zhaga Interface Specification Book 13 compliant form factor making them the perfect choice for the more compact and slimmer European luminaires where the standard driver form may be too large to accommodate.

The LMT-160SxxxSTF series is ideal for industrial linear applications such as warehouses, horticulture and public areas likes parks, plazas and walkways, as well as other fixtures that do not require an isolated design. Non-isolated drivers provide a higher efficiency due to a more efficient circuit design which uses fewer energy-consuming magnetic components than typical drivers.

The LMT-160SxxxSTF series operates over a 198-264Vac/190-250Vdc input voltage range and are approved to ENEC, CE, CB, CCC and KS allowing them to be used in many regions where 220/240 input voltage is common. They are highly reliable, have an industry-leading typical efficiency of 95%, internal surge protection of 2kV differential mode (DM) and 4kV common mode (CM) and a calculated lifetime to be at least 109,000 hours when operating at 80% load with a case temperature of 70˚C.

Production quantities are available now.