Hangzhou, China

Inventronics has expanded their new family of IP66/IP67 LED drivers that provide OEMs the ability to monitor crucial driver information, reduce maintenance costs and streamline production.  Leveraging Inventronics’ latest enhanced platform design, they allow for reduced inventory SKUs, simplified installation and the ability to adapt existing luminaires to different individual requirements providing extreme design versatility.  The EUM-Lx family has been expanded to include power levels of 100W, 150W and 240W to the already existing 200W models.

The EUM-Lx family offer OEMs the ultimate in versatility and convenience with the valuable and time-saving features of wireless programming via Near Field Communication (NFC).  Each power level provides constant power at a wide range of output currents. The EUM-100SxxxLx series has three models offering 700-2800mA, the EUM-150SxxxLx has four models offering 700-4200mA and the EUM-240SxxxLx has four models offering 700-6700mA.  They can be configured without power or a mains connection, providing an trouble-free approach to programming.  The luminaire can be adjusted safely at any time and it allows for easy in-application troubleshooting. The EUM-Lx family can be programmed using the Inventronics PRG-NFC-D desktop programmer, PRG-NFC-H handheld programmer or any Zhaga Book 24 compatible programmers.

The expanded EUM-Lx series also utilize Inventronics Controls-Ready features of Dim-to-Off and an Always-On auxiliary power of 12V, 250mA so it can easily be paired with various sensors and offers a cost-optimized fixture design by eliminating the need for power packs and relays.  The auxiliary power delivers a transient peak up to 10W to allow for more controls, such as radios that tend to spike power periodically.  For added energy savings, they provide isolated dimming options of 0-10V, PWM, and multiple timers.

For even more convenience, the expanded EUM-Lx series employs Inventronics proprietary Digital Dimming feature allowing users to read back crucial information from the driver over a UART bus and complies with T/CSA-051.   Digital Dimming supplies information needed for predictive maintenance so a luminaire can be serviced before they start to fail, as well as preventative maintenance so they can be checked to see if other luminaires are exhibiting end-of-life behavior. In addition, the EUM-Lx family also provides AC power monitoring allowing users to measure energy consumption and better evaluate their ROI.

The rugged, extruded-metal housing, which utilizes an exclusive encapsulation process, is IP66 and IP67 rated and specially designed to operate in harsh outdoor conditions and demanding applications such as high bay, high mast and roadway lighting.  Each series provides a multi-layer of protection which includes over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection. Utilizing the new proprietary circuit, they offer an industry-leading surge protection of 6kV (differential mode) and 10kV (common mode), are highly reliable and their robust protection allows for longer lifetimes up to 102,000 hours.

They offer models approved to UL, FCC, ENEC, CE, CB, CCC, PSE, KS, KCC BIS and Independent Use certifications.  Each expanded EUM-Lx power level offers three separate driver series.  The EUM-LG is equipped with a global cable that is obtained by merging the “UL world” together with the “IEC world”. They are suitable to be used world-wide, providing OEMs with reduced inventory SKUs and carrying costs associated with overstocking products. The EUM-LT is more suitable for the North American market and provides the added convenience of UL Class P.  The EUM-LB is approved for BIS certifications. Please check with Inventronics factory or your sales representative to select the appropriate model based on certification requirements.

Production quantities of the EUM-100SxxxLx, EUM-150SxxxLx and EUM-240SxxxLx are available now. To receive a quote please visit www.inventronics-co.com/sales/