Hangzhou, China

Inventronics has expanded their new EUM-Dx family of programmable LED drivers to include models offering 50W power levels which are an extension to their existing 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 240W models. The EUM-050SxxxDx simplify inventory management, provide constant-power programmability, flicker-free output, smooth dimming and IP66 and IP67 rated for harsher applications. The EUM-050SxxxDx series also introduces two new models to the EUM family that are suitable for Class II luminaires and equipped with flying leads.

The EUM-050SxxxDx series offers the ultimate in design flexibility with constant-power, programmable models delivering the full 50W at output currents from 550mA to 1500mA allowing for optimization to achieve ideal results and various current configurations without the need of powering on the driver. They also offer improved safety with a wide range of isolated dimming options such as 1-5V, 1-10V, PWM and multiple timers. The EUM-050SxxxDx series provides smooth dimming with a flicker-free performance.

The EUM-050SxxxDx introduce two new series to offer five separate product series to better serve our global market. The EUM-050SxxxDG are equipped with a global cable that is suitable to be used world-wide which provides OEMS with reduced inventory SKUs and carrying costs associated with overstocking products. The EUM-050SxxxDT are UL Class P certified providing the freedom of substitution without new testing and bring your products to market faster. The EUM-050SxxxDF also provides UL Class P certification and are designed with flying leads.  The EUM-050SxxxDB are BIS certified and the EUM-050SxxxDE are suitable for use in Class I/II luminaires with Common Mode  protection for the European, Australian and Latin American markets.  The new series certifications include UL (Recognized and Listed), FCC, ENEC, CE, CB, CCC, PSE, KS, KCC, BIS and Independent Use certifications.  Please check with the Inventronics factory or your sales representative to select the appropriate model based on certification requirements.

Built-in surge protection of 4kV (differential mode) and 6kV (common mode) help protect the application from input line voltage anomalies. They are packaged in an extruded-metal housing which utilizes a proprietary encapsulation process. The EUM-050SxxxDx are IP66 and IP67 rated and specially designed to operate in harsh applications such as low bay, tunnel, pathway and wall pack lighting.

Production quantities of the EUM-050SxxxDG, EUM-050SxxxDT, EUM-050SxxxDF, EUM-050SxxxDB and EUM-050SxxxDE are available now.