Hangzhou, China

Inventronics is pleased to announce the expansion of the new EAM LED driver series to include models supplying up to 100W of power. These drivers leverage Inventronics latest next generation platform with added features. Their advanced, innovative circuitry design helps protect against poor input power conditions specifically for markets who face challenging power regulation.  The EAM family also inherits the platform advantages of increased design flexibility with an ultra-compact size and an adjustable output current via a potentiometer. The new series is highly reliable with an industry-leading surge protection and is IP66/IP67 rated for rugged applications.  The EAM-100SxxxSB/SG series helps fill the power gap in the existing 75W and 150W models.

The EAM-100SxxxSB/SG series is built for long-term dependability and meets the requirements of the latest technical standards of Energy Efficiencies Services Limited (EESL).  This series helps protect against poor input power conditions on the main power lines supplied to the LED driver, reducing maintenance costs and safeguarding the luminaire. This is achieved by providing Input Over Voltage Protection (IOVP) that can withstand voltage increases up to 440Vac at a maximum of 48 hours.   It also provides a wide input voltage range of 90-305Vac/127-300Vdc to help with varying voltage swells and sags on the main power lines.

The EAM-100SxxxSB/SG series has a low output current ripple to ensure a uniform, more stable light and provide excellent protection such as input over-voltage, output over-voltage, output short-circuit and over-temperature protection.  It is equipped with market-leading input surge protection of 4kV (differential mode) and 6kV (common mode) and is capable of handling challenging market conditions, such as frequent power outages or operating from a backup power generator, while providing a reliable, cost-effective solution.

The series delivers full-load efficiency up to 93%, providing increased energy savings and ensuring a superior thermal performance. Its optimized design ensures an increased product life, providing up to 114,000 hours at a case temperature of 70°C and a 5-year warranty at a case temperature of 80°C.

The EAM-100SxxxSB/SG series allows for added design flexibility with optimal results and various configurations through the adjustable output current (AOC) function using a potentiometer feature. The series provides constant power at a wide output current range from 700-2800mA to fit in a multitude of applications and help reduce inventory SKUs.

Their IP66 and IP67 rating and compact metal housing enables the series to protect against dust and particles and supplies a high level of protection against water and humidity. The EAM-100SxxxSB is certified to BIS and CE standards and the EAM-100SxxxSG is certified to CB and CE standards facilitating safety certification for the end user.   Production quantities of the EAM-100SxxxSB and EAM-100SxxxSG are available now.

For a full datasheet and to learn about our other drivers providing 440Vac protection, please visit LED Drivers Built to Withstand 440Vac.