Inventronics hangzhou Global sales team meeting
Hanghzou, China

Inventronics (Headquartered in Hangzhou) welcomed overseas colleagues home! A three-day collective training and conference was held to jointly plan for the international development of the company by the oversea colleagues from America, Brasil, India, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Belgium, etc and the core team members at the headquarter.

Dr. Hua, chairman of the company, Mr. Dai,executive vice manager and other management members warmly welcomed our overseas colleagues back to Inventronics headquarter in the new building, and shared the company achievements made by our overseas sales colleagues’ joint efforts at home and abroad in the past few years, coming challenges and prospect in the future.

At the beginning of the meeting, Marshall, vice president of global sales, delivered an opening speech and introduction of meeting agenda with his unique, appealing and resonant voice and “Thunder” gesture as a start, and he hosted the three-day global sales conference. First, Marshall introduced oversea elites in the sales, technology and quality fields. Nancy, director of overseas sales introduced all core members on the team from headquarter. Colleagues at home and abroad gathered tightly with warmth and kindness through the usual communications were made by emails, calls and short trips. As a leader in the booming LED industry, Inventronics draws intense attachment from the colleagues at home and abroad.

Dr. Gary Hua, the chairman made the keynote speech. He warmly welcomed all the oversea colleagues back home, and after reviewing the development of Inventronics in the past decade, Dr. Hua showed the long-range planning for Inventronics’ global product development, manufacturing and sales distribution. He shared with the whole crew of the company the thoughts and incentives to embark on the new journey.


David Dai, deputy chairman and executive vice president introduced in details to the whole oversea sales team about the development phases of the company in recent years, the company culture and policy institutions, the humane cares in the new building hardware and software, the company development mission in the future as well as Tonglu garden-style factory which will come into service soon.

During the second day of the sales meeting, Marshall, vice president of overseas sales presented market development plans for oversea sales in the coming three years. The company will expand globally in all aspects from R&D, Manufacturing, Quality to Sales to add building blocks when the company grows into a world-class enterprise.

The global sales team summarized their work over the past two years for their respective areas and regions the following day to analyse the gains and losses to seek the improvements; in order to develop the business and market share for Inventronics products and brand in the corresponding areas, all the colleagues brainstormed and reported about their plans for the market distribution and promotion in the coming half year and next year with the best resource allocation and   strategy. Subsequently, technical marketing and R&D team also joined to further discuss the product design and development in the future with the frontier info and market demands obtained from all the regional sales so as to make a solid foundation for the brand and product strategy of the company in the coming few years.

In the afternoon of the third day, our overseas colleagues visited the Tonglu manufacturing base, and were overjoyed and inspired at the sight of the garden-style plant and supporting facilities, dormitory under construction and school under planning for our staff’s children.

By the end of the three days’ training and discussion, colleagues at home and abroad will embark on a new journey with full enthusiasm. Through the rigorous planning can we demonstrate the individuality and with the strengthed foundation can we pursue the development. Inventronics as a massive ship will certainly become the aircraft carrier in the LED driver industry under the management’s elaborate leadership and global team’s hard work.