Inventronics Global Sales Team 2016
Hanghzou, China

Thanks to the gentle breeze in May, we Inventronics gather together with our top salespeople from all over the world. Different colors of skin, different languages cannot stop us from sharing with the same smile in our new home in Hangzhou——Inventronics Science and Technology Garden.

At the first night in Hangzhou, our top salespeople are satisfied with the well-prepared nice dinner by their strong support in Inventronics. What we want to show to our brave men is the great feeling of home.

This is an unusual season with misty rain, the mountains in the distance waned slightly in the dense fog. We leisurely wander around the West Lake, which is undoubtedly the most renowned feature of Hangzhou, noted for the scenic beauty that blends naturally with many famous historical and cultural sites. Leifeng Pagoda, Su Causeway and Bai Causeway, not far away from the West Lake, also send sincere greetings to our distinguished guests.

Boating above the West Lake to enjoy the different scenery gives us an amazing opportunity to closely chat with our other colleagues in Inventronics from all around the world. To be honest, they are just like our kind family members. The laughter come in waves, mixed with the smell of the lake. Everyone enjoys the unique flavor of Hangzhou. Maybe this is the first time for them to stay in Hangzhou, however, everything seems quite familiar to them while listening to the melodious music surrounded.

Thanks to Hangzhou, our distinguished guests will keep an everlasting memory in their deep mind. And thanks to the full support from all staff of Inventronics, our salespeople will hold the firm beliefs to create glorious achievements!