Hangzhou, China

Inventronics announces the release of a new family of IP20, Class I/II LED driver with DALI-2 D4i certification providing intra-luminaire and health monitoring solutions. The EBS-080SxxxBT2 is a new generation of drivers providing reduced maintenance costs and a streamlined production.  They utilize convenient push terminals for a simpler installation and time-savings wireless programming via NFC allowing luminaires to be adjusted safely at any time and easy in-application troubleshooting.  They are also equipped with power monitoring so users can measure energy consumption to better evaluate their ROI.

The EBS-080SxxxBT2 Series is suitable for use in outdoor luminaries of Protection Class I and II, built-in-use for indoor applications and they can be used as an ‘independent’ LED driver so you can mount them outside a luminaire enclosure.  The Zhaga compatible square design makes it the perfect choice for the more compact and slimmer European street luminaires.

DALI-2 D4i certification allows OEMs the possibility of plug and play controls and simplification of intra-luminaire applications.  The integrated 16Vdc Bus Power Supply provides power to the DALI making it easier to implement connectivity to create smart cities. It also provides the ability to utilize crucial driver health and diagnostics data to ensure the entire lighting system is running smoothly.  OEMs can read real-time data to increase energy savings, reduce maintenance and optimize their smart lighting system.

OEMs can optimize their fixture design and eliminate additional wiring with the EBS-080SxxxBT2 Controls-Ready features of Dim-to-Off and an Always-On auxiliary power of 24V, 125mA.  They can easily be paired with various sensors and provides a transient peak up to 10W to allow control versatility, especially for those that tend to spike power periodically.

The new EBS-080SxxxBT2 is equipped with the valuable and time-savings feature of wireless programming via Near Field Communication (NFC).  They can be configured without power applied or a wired connection for an effortless approach to programming.  Offering three constant-power, programmable models, they deliver up to 80W at output currents from 450mA to 1500mA. The EBS-080SxxxBT2 family can be programmed using the Inventronics PRG-NFC-D desktop programmer, PRG-NFC-H handheld programmer or any Zhaga Book 24 compatible programmers which allows manufacturers to wirelessly set the output current and minimum dimming levels.

They are highly reliable with a superior level of built-in surge protection at 6kV (differential mode) and 10kV (common mode). They have an all-around protection which includes: over-voltage, over-temperature for both driver and external LED array, short-circuit protection and an end-of-life indicator. The lifetime of these drivers is calculated to be at least 100,000 hours when operating at 80% load.

This new family is approved to ENEC, CE, CB, CCC, KS and DALI-2 D4i standards. Production quantities of the EBS-080SxxxBT2 series is available now.  To order, please contact your local Inventronics sales manager or distributor.