Hangzhou, China

Inventronics introduces a new series of high input voltage LED drivers with DALI-2 D4i certification allowing two-way communication for driver health monitoring and asset management, interoperability with numerous sensors and controls and a cost-effective solution for managing intelligent lighting systems.  The ESM-150SxxxBx series offers various integrated features that reduces production costs by eliminating additional components such as AC relays and external power supplies requiring less wiring.  They are the first DALI-2 D4i series to operate from 249-528Vac and supplies the full 150W of power at a wide output current across four models from 700-4200 mA.

The ESM-150SxxxBx series are equipped with the valuable and time-saving feature of wireless programming via Near Field Communication (NFC). With such a wide output current range, they allow an optimized performance across a broad luminaire portfolio to help reduce inventory SKUs, minimize lead time and simplify production. They can be configured without power or a mains connection, providing an effortless approach to programming and they can be modified at any time during the production and assembly process, installation or on-site.

The ESM-150SxxxBx series is DALI-2 D4i certified to allow luminaire manufacturers the convenience of plug and play controls compatibility with various application specific controls solutions.  The added D4i certification ensures the entire smart lighting system runs effortlessly and can be easily integrated. It gives the ability to leverage crucial health and diagnostics data so users can read data in real-time to increase energy savings, reduce maintenance costs and ensure consistent lighting.

The ESM-150SxxxBx series delivers a simplified fixture design with Dim-to-Off, integrated auxiliary power, AC power monitoring and a 16Vdc DALI bus power supply. These features provide a cost-effective, improved solution to smart lighting by eliminating additional wiring and equipment such as power packs and AC relays. The integrated power monitoring feature provides accurate data within 1% for use in smart city management systems to further improve energy savings.

The ESM-150SxxxBx series offers a reliable, robust performance with industry-leading surge protection of 6kV (differential mode) and 10kV (common mode), an extruded-metal housing, proprietary encapsulation process and an IP66 and IP67 rating. They are ideal in the harsher and more demanding applications such as high bay, tunnel and roadway lighting.  They also leverage internal protection to address issues commonly found with voltage swells and poor power quality to prevent premature failure of the luminaire and external accessories. They deliver longer lifetimes up to 100,000 hours at a case temperature of 70°C and are equipped with an end-of-life indicator and output lumen compensation for quality, consistent lighting.

The ESM-150SxxxBG is designed with a global cable making them suitable for world-wide use and help to reduce inventory SKUs and carrying costs associated with overstocking products.  The ESM-150SxxxBT is more suitable for the North American market and provides the added convenience of UL Class P.   This new series is approved to UL, FCC, ENEC, CE, CB, DALI-2 D4i and Independent Use certifications.  Please check with Inventronics factory or your sales representative to select the appropriate model based on certification requirements.

Production quantities of the ESM-150SxxxBT and ESM-150SxxxBG are available now.  For quotes or assistance in ordering, please contact your local Inventronics sales representative or distributor.