inventronics joins DiiA
Hanghzou, China

Inventronics is excited to inform all of our colleagues and customers that we are members of the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA). More information about DiiA can be found on their website. Inventronics membership allows us to continue to develop and support products compliant with the DALI and future DALI 2 standards.

As many are aware, the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) was promoted to offer a common standard for lighting interoperability. The certification and promotion was led by DALI AG under the ZVEI, German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association. Under their guidance, the standard grew and as the lighting industry matured, work on a new version (DALI 2) was started. For several reasons, including a desire to have an independent organization, DALI AG was officially dissolved in early 2017.

This is where DiiA comes in. They are an open, global and industry-led alliance of lighting companies whose goal is to grow the market for lighting control solutions continuing the mission of DALI AG including work on a new DALI 2 standard. Inventronics has become a member of this alliance so we can work with other industry experts and influence the standardizations to include requirements we already have set in place.

What this means for our customer:

• DiiA aims to significantly improve interoperability of DALI based systems in the market
• Certification process expected to start in June and must use a DiiA approved test system and official test sequence software
• Products that have already been certified or registered and then updated, require re-testing and re-submission
• DALI trademarks are transferred to DiiA
• Luminaire companies will need to join DiiA as a community member if they want to use DALI logo on their products (no registration or license fee)

Inventronics is eager to build on our relationship with the DiiA and continue to provide our customers with the functionality and flexibility they require.