480 watt controls ready drivers
Hangzhou, China

Inventronics has announced the release of a family of 480W programmable, constant-current LED drivers to help fill a major gap in the industry. The EUD-480SxxxDT/DV series offers 6 controls-ready, constant-power models that deliver the full 480W at a wide output current range between 1.05 and 10.0A. All models operate over a 90-305Vac input range and offers a full load efficiency up to 95% making it a leader in the LED driver industry and ideal for a multitude of projects in varying geographical locations.

The EUD-480SxxxDT(DV) drivers provide a 12V/200mA auxiliary output which eliminates the need for a secondary power supply while the dim-to-off capability with ≤ 0.5W standby power consumption allows for them to be turned on/off over the dimming leads, eliminating the need for an AC switch or relay. These features reduce installation costs and inventory. For more energy savings, they provide dimming functionalities such as 0-10V, PWM and 3 timer modes making them more versatile than traditional LED drivers, allowing it to be integrated easily in smart lighting applications.

The EUD-480SxxxDT(DV) is equipped with 6kV line-to-line and 10kV line-to-earth surge protection that provides a stable and reliable performance regardless of the environmental factors.  They are IP67 rated, TYPE HL drivers making them a rugged option for harsh indoor and outdoor lighting applications including sports arena, horticultural, port and high mast lighting. They feature over-voltage, short-circuit and a self-recovering internal and external over-temperature protection while also including output lumen compensation and thermal sensing for LED modules. This results in less maintenance and no power recycling.

This new series is approved to UL, FCC, CE, and ENEC standards. Production quantities of the EUD-480SxxxDT/DV series are available now.