Hanghzou, China

Inventronics has announced the release of a broad array of 200W and 240W programmable constant current LED drivers for applications including high bay, high mast, arena and roadway lighting. The EUD-200SxxxDT and EUD-240SxxxDT series can be programmed for 0-10V, PWM or time dimming, while the non-programmable EUD-200SxxxDT/ST-00A0 series has 0-10V-dimming and non-dimming models. Each EUD-200S series offers 8 different maximum output currents up to 4.9A, while the EUD-240S series has 6 constant-power models to deliver the full 240W at almost any output current between 700 mA and 6.6A. Each model offers a full load efficiency of 92.0-93.5%, and it provides a 12V auxiliary output and dim-to-off with ≤ 1W standby power consumption, making it ideal for operation with a wide variety of sensors and controls for even greater energy savings. These products all operate over a 90-305Vac input range and provide excellent power factor correction (0.99 at 120V and 0.96 at 220V). The new series are approved to UL, CUL and FCC standards.

The high efficiency and robust thermal design of these drivers enables the products to run cooler, significantly improving reliability and extending product life. The lifetime of these drivers is calculated to be 120,000 hours for the EUD-200S series and 97,000 hours for the slightly longer EUD-240S series when operating at 80% load with a case temperature of 60°C.

To insure trouble-free operation, the EUD-200S and EUD-240S product families also feature over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection. In addition, the rectangular, extruded-metal housing is IP67 rated allowing use both indoors and outdoors.

Production quantities of the EUD-200S and EUD-240S series are available now.