Hanghzou, China

Inventronics has announced the release of a 0-10V wireless dimming converter that enables one or more Inventronics LED drivers to be controlled by a Daintree coordinator or system, including the Daintree Networks ® ControlScope® building energy management system.

The CNV-ZIGB provides maximum flexibility in lighting design and it allows facility changes and expansions to be accomplished effortlessly without incurring the high installation costs of control wiring. This module was created specifically for energy-saving applications including offices, retail spaces, hospitals, historic buildings, homes, classrooms, and hotels, as well as bay lighting in industrial settings.

The CNV-ZIGB uses the Dim-to-Off capability of Inventronics drivers along with their always-on auxiliary power to provide wireless connectivity at the lowest system cost. This allows the CNV-ZIGB to be utilized in a wide array of line voltage environments, including 480Vac using Inventronics ESD series of drivers, as the CNV-ZIGB is powered by the 12V auxiliary line of the drivers. When used with other interoperable Daintree devices such as switches, dimmers, occupancy and daylight sensors, the CNV-ZIGB signal converter enables any of several Inventronics drivers to be controlled wirelessly in a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The CNV-ZIGB is for use with the Daintree Networks® ControlScope® building energy management system. ControlScope® helps facility-operations professionals achieve up to 70 percent energy savings while increasing occupant comfort.

Production quantities of the CNV-ZIGB are available now.