Hanghzou, China

Inventronics is pleased to announce the expansion of the EDC Series of constant-current LED drivers designed specifically for the Indian market and those markets who face challenging power regulations to include 75W models. Inventronics understands the struggles of the electronic designer and offers a high level of market leading input protection capable of handling challenging power conditions. Disturbances such as frequent power outages or operating from a backup power generator are addressed in a reliable, cost-effective solution.

The EDC-075SxxxSV series includes 3 models of constant-current drivers that can supply up to 75W at output currents from 700 to 1050mA with a full-load efficiency up to 90%.  The calculated lifetime of these drivers are 101,000 hours at 75°C. They operate from 140-305 Vac, are suitable for Class I Luminaires and have a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) under 10% which reduces the pollution of the power grid.

The EDC-75SxxxSV series provides a high level of input protective functions, including Input Over Voltage Protection (IOVP) and Input Under Voltage Protection (IUVP) These features help protect against poor line quality supplied to the LED driver, reducing maintenance costs and safeguarding the luminaire. They are capable of handling temporary voltage increases up to 440 Vac up to 48 hours.

The new EDC-075SxxxSV models are certified to BIS, CE, and CCC standards facilitating safety certification for the end user. The EDC series provides an IP67 rating and is equipped with a compact metal case enabling them to protect against dust and particles and a high level of protection against water and humidity.

Production quantities of the EDC-075SxxxSV are available now.