Hangzhou, China

Inventronics has announced the release of a wireless network interface module that features a DALI-2 bus for controlling the LED driver and reading health and power data providing reduced maintenance costs, performance monitoring capabilities and the ability to track assets.  The CNV-SNAP-DD2 also provides a traditional 0-10V bus for use with traditional Controls-Ready drivers.

The CNV-SNAP-DD2 provides installation costs savings since it is powered directly by the Inventronics LED drivers always-on auxiliary power and utilizes the driver’s Dim-to-Off capability.  These features help remove the need for an external power pack, AC switch or relay ensuring wireless connectivity at the lowest system cost.

The compact design and various deployment options make it ideal for placement in a wide array of luminaires and allows for convenient mounting inside or outside the luminaire. For added flexibility, the CNV-SNAP-DD2 features an antenna bulkhead to facilitate the use of an external antenna, offering an effective range of approximately 1km. It is also dependable with a rugged IP65 and UL Dry/Damp/Wet Location rated housing that is suitable for direct sunlight applications and has a Flame Class of 5VA.

The CNV-SNAP-DD2 is a collaboration between Inventronics and Synapse to provide a complete smart lighting solution that is easy to use, set-up and commission. It utilizes the Synapse SimplySNAP site-based program for monitoring and controlling LED lights with an encrypted, self-forming, self-healing 802.15.4 SNAP® mesh network.  SimplySNAP provides users convenience and flexibility since it does not require internet access and can be setup and configured through a mobile-friendly Wi-Fi or LAN-accessible interface making it the ideal solution for remote sites where internet access is challenging.

The CNV-SNAP-DD2 is DALI-2 D4i compatible allowing power data, alarms and critical events to be stored locally in SimplySNAP for easier maintenance, troubleshooting and performance monitoring.  For even more savings, SimplySNAP provides California Title 24 compliant daily schedules for multiple dimming levels and provides two sensor inputs configurable for daylight or occupancy sensing.  These sensors are deployed on the network and not local to the driver.

The versatile deployment options allow control over indoor and outdoor lighting within the same system, as well as multiple sites merged into one interface providing a seamless installation.  SimplySNAP is ideal for several lighting applications including warehouse and industrial facilities, parking lots and walkways, indoor sports arenas, college campuses and car dealerships.

The CNV-SNAP-DD2 is designed for use with all Inventronics Controls-Ready and DALI-2 D4i LED Drivers. Production quantities of the CNV-SNAP-DD2 are available now.  For more information, contact your local sales representative or distributor. To learn more about Synapse Wireless and the SimplySNAP solution, please visit www.synapsewireless.com.