Global high input voltage
Hangzhou, China

Inventronics releases their high input voltage ESM-240SxxxDx family operating at 249 -528 Vac.  They utilize the latest platform with an enhanced transformer design, optimized components and a more compact form factor. The ESM-240SxxxDx are programmable, IP66/IP67 rated LED drivers designed to provide OEMs design flexibility and the ability to work in a wide-range of applications and regions.

The ESM-240SxxxDx family consists of two series. The ESM-240SxxxDG are equipped with a global cable to reduce inventory SKUs and carrying costs associated with overstocking products. The ESM-240SxxxDT is ideal for the North American market as they provide the added convenience of UL Class P certification.  The ESM-DG models are approved to UL, CE, ENEC and CB standards, the ESM-DT models are approved to UL Class P, FCC, CE and KS standards.

Each series offers four programmable models delivering the full 240W of power at a wide output current range of 700-6700mA. Their programmable interface and constant-power operation allow for in-house customization without the need of powering on the driver.   Their compact design gives OEMs added design flexibility and allows them to fit inside a multitude of luminaires.

The ESM-240SxxxDx family supplies improved safety with a wide range of isolated dimming options:  1-10V, 10V PWM and multiple timers. For a more uniform and consistent quality of light, they offer users the additional feature of output lumen compensation.

They are highly reliable and rugged drivers that deliver industry-leading surge protection of 6kV (differential mode) and 10kV (common mode) and utilize a proprietary encapsulation process. Their IP66 and IP67 rating is specially designed to operate in demanding applications such as high bay, high mast and roadway lighting.  The ESM-240SxxxDx are also equipped with an end-of-life indicator and have a calculated lifetime up to 100,000 hours at a case temperature of 70°C and an efficiency up to 94.5%.

Production quantities of the ESM-240SxxxDG and ESM-240SxxxDT are available now.  To receive a quote please visit or contact the company at sales@