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Hangzhou, China

The fall has been a very busy season for Inventronics!  We had many opportunities to meet our valued customers, prospective clients, distributors and partners in person at several trade shows we exhibited. Below you’ll find a recap of a few of the shows we attended and what we noticed as each show’s main topics and highlights.

Light Middle East

The Middle East market is seeing a strong driving force for the development of LED.  In 2020, UAE Dubai will host the World Expo and in 2022 Qatar will host the World Cup. This will generate a large number of infrastructure projects and tertiary industry projects. Among these projects, they strive to promote sustainable building designs and intelligent system solutions was a hot topic.

IES Street and Area Lighting Conference

This market is seeing an up-rise in conversions to LED and many are anticipating the completion  of the DALI 2 standard so they can have fixture information stored in the driver.  The key theme for this event was smart street lighting.  Topics included basic dimming controls, wireless street lights, poles with cellular capabilities and a host of other features designed for urban environments. One key feature that this market looks for is surge protection. Our drivers provide industry-leading internal surge protection as well as several external SPDs to choose from.


Horticulture Lighting Conference

The projected growth for this market is 180% over the next 5 years. One of the biggest topics for this show being smart and programmable LED drivers.  There were also several discussions on HPS and LED light comparisons and the different light ray mixtures for achieving what the growers want.

A big portion of the customers that visited us during these shows were interested in our programmable, controls-ready LED drivers as well as our high-powered 600W drivers.  With intelligent systems and controls continuing to be a hot trend, we are pleased to offer our customers a complete solution with our controls-ready drivers and our network controls modules. We offer these features in our EUD-600W drivers so we are very capable of helping our customers find the best intelligent solution for their project.  Visitors were also inquiring about our DALI and DMX dimming options as well as our 10 year long-life DTL/DVL drivers.  Be sure to visit our website to learn more on these products and the many others we offer.