Lux Live 2017 Leading Trends
Hanghzou, China

LuxLive took place in Excel, London on November 15th and 16th. We hope you had the chance to attend and visit us while you were there. Here are a few highlights we saw while attending:

Smart Controls are Continuing to be an Important Topic:
Smart lighting and controls are continuing to be the forefront of most topics and conversations at exhibits throughout the year. With the rise in popularity, it’s no wonder attendees are concerned about undefined solution and lack of standards. Inventronics offers several intelligent products to help get you started.

High-Power Applications:
Another main topic at the show was the increase in high-power applications. Many lighting projects are being centered around horticulture, high mast, stadium and arena lighting. These applications require a much more robust driver and Inventronics is excited to offer an extensive product line that can be a tremendous asset. Our extensive portfolio of dimming, programmable and high power EUD and ESD drivers are a great fit.

There are lots of changes being made to DALI certifications to help improve interoperability between different manufacturers as well as standardizing devices such as application controllers and inputs. Inventronics is currently a member of the Digital Interface Illumination Alliance (DiiA) and will continue to develop products with the functionality and flexibility they require. Learn more about our DALI certified drivers here.

Ultraviolet (UV) LED Applications:
The UV LED market is showing substantial growth over the past decade. It is being utilized in many applications including medical, security, horticulture and scientific analysis. UV LEDs provide several benefits such as a compact size, robust thermal design, increased reliability and longer lifetimes. UV LED adoption will continue to accelerate as their performance is improving and becoming more abundant and easier to source.