This Product has Been Discontinued

We Recommend the PU-20KS10KHT as a Replacement

  • Only Suitable for Inventronics LED Drivers
  • Surge Voltage Rating: 10kV Using Industry Standard 1.3/50us Wave
  • High Temperature, 85C Maximum Surface Temperature Rating
  • Flameproof Plastic Enclosure
  • In Accordance with: IEC 61643-1, IEC 61643-11, IEC EN61000-4-5 and UL 1449
Model AC Input Voltage Clamping Voltage (L-N) Clamping Voltage (LN-G) In (8/20uS)
PA-10KS05KWT 277 Vac ≤2000 V ≤2000 V 5 kA