Hangzhou, China

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is not a new technology and odds are you have experienced it in a variety of applications. For LED drivers and luminaires, NFC provides flexibility during production, labor cost savings, the ability to easily change the configuration after installation and requires no mains-voltage to set the desired settings.

As NFC continues to be a topic of interest in the lighting industry, Inventronics is continuously working to provide a wide portfolio of LED drivers designed for indoor, outdoor, and industrial applications.

NFC provides a way to set the LED drivers operating current, lumen output and dimming levels wirelessly and without the need to connect to mains-voltage. This provides increased safety, simplifies the programming process, and reduces labor costs of assembly. Since there is no need to power the drivers for programming, the driver can be configured in the manufacturing line to match the user’s
specific application needs. It also allows for easy reconfiguration before the product ships from the warehouse, after the driver has been installed into a fixture or even after the fixture has been installed in the field.

Inventronics currently offers customers the option to utilize NFC programming on select drivers so OEMs can easily adapt their existing luminaires to different individual requirements, providing design versatility and streamlining production. Inventronics user-friendly software allows customers to set various functions such as output current and dimming levels specifically for each unique application.

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