Inventronics Seminar hosted in India
Hangzhou, China

Gene King, Director of Internal Sales at Inventronics presented at the 2018 ISA-Brazil International SSL Forum on April 26th, 2018 at the Expo Center Norte in San Paulo, Brazil.

The forum theme was “The Raising of Beyond Lighting” and gave industry experts the chance to discuss multi-dimensional developing opportunities for the LED industry in the Brazilian market.

King’s presentation focused on smart LED lighting and what exactly that means for the LED driver in the luminaire design. He discussed how the LED driver is critical to successful controls implementation as it can facilitate deployment of different technologies, enable solutions and provide protection of low voltage controls from the AC source.  He demonstrated the importance of utilizing the correct driver to greatly simplify wiring and interconnect while taking advantage of the enhanced energy savings, improved light quality, improved security and many other benefits smart lighting offers.

“Many of the issues OEMs face such as bulky and expensive relays, additional wiring and getting the right level of surge protection has been addressed by Inventronics Controls-Ready LED drivers,” says King.  “Our drivers provide 12V always-on auxiliary power to the sensor or radio, eliminating the need for a secondary power supply and reduces parts count and inventory.”

Inventronics Controls-Ready drivers also provides a Dim-to-Off (DTO) capability. DTO allows for the driver to be turned on/off over the dimming leads, eliminating the need for an AC switch or relay. Relays and switches are both sensitive to inrush current and have a maximum power rating. With this innovative design, smart lighting is much simpler, less bulky, provides even more cost reductions and the failure rate is drastically reduced.

As smart lighting technology continues to develop, King expects to see the need for control modules with sensor inputs that are available to the entire network, instead of just to one luminaire. With these advances, modularity and standardization of interfaces is going to be essential to adoption and success, as well as creating a broad toolkit of solutions that are easy-to-use, robust, interoperable, and affordable. Controls ready drivers will continue to be easily integrated into applications that do not have defined controls, for retrofit applications that have shifting requirements, and for bidding on applications that vary in needs.

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