Hangzhou, China

The 25th edition of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held October 10th-13th.  While there was a small decline in the number of exhibitors and visitors over past shows, the show still boasted 2,028 exhibitors and 14,186 visitors in 2020.   Inventronics was once again a sponsor of the show and exhibited many of our new LED driver families to release this year.   We appreciate everyone who had time to stop by our booth and for those who could not attend, here is a recap of some of the trends that were highlighted throughout the show:

Horticulture Lighting:

Horticulture lighting was the most common theme across the entire show and one of the hottest topics.  Many exhibitors were highlighting newly launched horticulture luminaires and several visitors spoke of their plan to enter the market soon.  Inventronics has an extensive product line to support the growing horticulture market with various power levels from 320W-1200W and many features including high input voltage, UL Wet Rated and Controls-Ready.  You can view the full offering here.

5G Network Construction:

The promotion of the new infrastructure policy from the Chinese Government has accelerated the 5G network construction across the country making 5G Smart Poles become a major topic in 2020.  Many exhibitors brought their latest and more advanced products and solutions.  There are many more styles, colors and features being offered in this market allowing them to handle various applications and design demands.

Smart Lighting in the Classroom:

Integrating smart lighting into the classroom continues to be a big topic and was highlighted by multiple exhibitors.  There were several booths showcasing app-based controls, complete controls systems, tunable white features, wireless controls and UV lighting.  Many of the visitors interested in this type of lighting were seeking LED drivers that could provide 36-40W of power, Class II certification and a flicker-free performance.  Inventronics offers several LED drivers providing a flicker-free performance.  View our latest LUN family here and our LUG-040 series here.

Inventronics is proud to sponsor one of the largest lighting exhibitions in Asia and enjoyed engaging with fellow stakeholders who support LED lighting.  It’s Inventronics goal to provide superior products, exceptional technical support and best-in-class customer service.  For more information on what Inventronics can offer you, please reach out to your local sales representative or distributor.