Hangzhou, China

Inventronics introduces the first dual channel, white color tuning LED drivers for outdoor applications where the environment is more challenging, such as tunnels, signage and streetlights.   The EUW-060S105Dx utilize a leading-edge design to achieve a high level of surge protection, enhanced encapsulation process and a proprietary magnetic design offering a smaller footprint over traditional drivers.  The EUW-060S105Dx also offers independent control and the full 60W of power per channel allowing for superior flexibility and reduced installation costs by eliminating the need to utilize multiple single output drivers.

The EUW-060S105Dx series offers independent control of intensity (dimming) and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) so users can adjust the appearance of white light, specifically how “warm” or “cool” it is and the brightness separately and continuously.  This means the user can select to have CCT fixed and vary the intensity, have intensity fixed and vary the CCT, have both fixed or have both varied. By mixing the two channels, the EUW facilitates support of a wide color tuning range to enhance the LED light engine design.

The new series is programmable via Inventronics software and does not require the driver to be powered to make adjustments.  They supply the full 60W of power per channel at a wide output current range from 700-1050mA and are equipped with a universal input voltage range of 90-305Vac to better serve the global market.  The EUW-060S105Dx series offers flicker-free output and isolated dimming with 1-5V, 1-10V, 10V PWM and multiple timed options including self-adapting midnight and self-adapting percentage.

The EUW-060S105Dx utilize a sophisticated circuitry to achieve a high-level of common and differential mode protection (4kV DM, 6 kV CM) to safeguard themselves in harsh environments such as those subjected to line voltage disturbances like sags, swells and transients.  Their proprietary encapsulation process ensures no voids in material, protecting against breakdown and overall thermal performance inconsistencies.  They provide further protection with an IP66 (DF Models) and IP66/IP67 (DV Models) rating and deliver a long lifetime performance with output lumen compensation to ensure a consistent and quality light output.

The EUW-060S105DV are CCC and CE certified while the EUW-060S105DF are UL recognized. Production quantities are available now.  To receive a quote, please contact your Inventronics local sales representative or distributor.