DALI2 LED Drivers
Hangzhou, China

Inventronics currently offers customers extreme versatility by allowing the creation and configuration of lighting groups through software instead of having to modify the control wiring. This is possible through DALI-2 certification through the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA), Inventronics goes a step further by offering the value add of additional D4i certification.

With the standardization of the LED driver feature set and communications protocol, D4i certified LED drivers allow luminaire manufacturers the possibility of plug and play controls compatibility with a wide range of application specific controls solutions. D4i provides the control system with the ability to ensure the entire smart lighting system runs effortlessly and it can be easily integrated.

Inventronics EUM-Bx and EBS-BT2 families of DALI-2 D4i LED Drivers provide OEMs the ability to utilize crucial driver information, reduce maintenance and production costs, and simplify installation. Coupled with the integrated AC power monitoring, users can measure energy consumption and better evaluate their ROI.

The EUM-Bx and EBS-BT2 families also offer streamlined production and can easily adapt existing luminaires with time-saving wireless programming via NFC that is compatible with any Zhaga Book 24 compliant programmer as well as Inventronics PRG-NFC-D and PRG-NFC-H.  .  For even more savings, they provide Dim-to-Off and Always-On auxiliary power of 24VDC, 125mA to eliminate additional wiring and allow for a cost optimized fixture design.

The EUM-Bx family offers three separate IP66/IP67 driver series with 90-305Vac to accommodate various applications around the world: models with the added convenience of UL Class P (EUM-BT Series),  models with a Global cable to help reduce inventory SKUs (EUM-BG Series) and models with BIS certification (EUM-BB Series). The EBS-BT2 family offers IP20 Class I/II models with 176-305Vac.

To help customers understand the benefits and what the different certifications entail, we created a white paper: DALI-2 D4i: A History and Brief Introduction.  For those who would like to dive deeper into the technical aspects, we also create an application note: DALI, DALI-2 and D4i Technical Paper.  We hope you enjoy reading them and learning more about the subject.

To learn more about Inventronics DALI-2 D4i drivers, please visit our DALI-2 D4i Product Page or contact your local sales representative or distributor.