Hangzhou, China

The LED lighting industry continues to evolve while controls and embedded intelligence becomes an ever-growing demand with a wide range of network and accessory options.  This demand has been creating the need for expert advice on product selection since there is a lack of standardization and education to resolve integration issues and improperly installed devices.

In the hopes to combat some of the confusion and education gaps, the interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO) and the Lighting Controls Association worked together to develop the Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) certification program.

To further allow Inventronics to provide their partners and customers with better service, a higher level of expertise in lighting controls technology and commissioning and compatible, quality products, Landon Miles, Technical Marketing Manager of Intelligent Products received his CLCP certification. His dedication to further his knowledge on controls is a sign of Inventronics commitment to be a leading company in the industry.  Miles has over 5.5 years’ experience in the lighting industry and works with many controls companies to ensure Inventronics LED drivers are compatible and easy to use.  He has been an instrumental role in product development, partner relations and supporting sales efforts.

The CLCP education program comprehensively covers lighting control strategies, technology, application, upgrades, energy codes, design and commissioning.  The courses are registered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), National Council on Qualification of Lighting Professions (NCQLP) and CALCTP/NALCTP.  To learn more about NALMCO, the CLCP and to see a full list of CLCP designees, you can visit NALMCO.org.

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