The EBD-255SxxxDV is Not Recommended for New Design
We Recommend the EUM-240SxxxDG or EUK-240SxxxDV Series as a Replacement

  • Programmable Dimming Controls:
    • 0-5V, 0-10V, PWM, Traditional Timer
  • High Level Input Surge Protection:
    • 6kV DM, 10kV CM
  • More Compact Design
  • Suitable for Independent Use
  • 5 Year Warranty

Life Time

118,000 hours @ Case TemperatureĀ 60Ā°C


Inches (L x W x H)
7.40 x 3.47 x 1.50

Millimeters (L x W x H)
188 x 88 x 38


Full-Power Current RangeDefault Output CurrentInput Voltage RangeOutput Voltage RangeMax. Output PowerModel Number
700 – 1050 mA700 mA176 ~ 305 Vac160 – 357 Vdc250 WEBD-255S105DV
File Name
LED Driver Installation Instructions (Updated March 2015)
LED Driver Installation Guidelines (Updated September 2018)
Programming Interface Device Driver Install First (Updated March 2015)
Design-In Guide for Programmable Drivers (Updated September 2018)
Programming Interface Installation Instructions (Updated April 2015)
Programming Interface Operating Instructions (Updated January 2016)
Inventronics Constant Power Programmer Manual Instruction (Updated April 2018)