Top Trends at LFI 2019
Hangzhou, China

Lightfair International (LFI) was held in Philadelphia May 21-23 and Inventronics was excited to have our own booth on the showroom floor.  We appreciate everyone who had time to stop by our booth and for those who could not attend, here is a recap of some of the trends that were apparent this year:

Connected Lighting is an Ever-growing Market:

Smart, Intelligent, Connected…no matter what you label it, this product segment continues to grow year-after-year.  There were two separate pavilions (Intelligent Lighting and Internet of Things) this year to house all the exhibitors in this market and there’s no wonder why!  These exhibitors showcased app-based controls, complete controls systems and many other helpful tools available on a wide-number of networks.  Business owners are also focusing on improving their business performance by monitoring their assets via data collected from these systems.  Inventronics continues to build on our controls product offering with our Controls-Ready drivers and our Network Interface Modules.

A Colorful Experience:

From sports arenas to classrooms and offices to horticulture, everyone wants to see some color in their lighting.  Whether it’s to create a more productive work environment, a more exciting experience, an elegant atmosphere or growing sweeter basil, color-tuning continues to be a hot topic among many exhibitors and attendees. Inventronics Dim-to-Off drivers allows for independent controls of color temperature and light output. Paired with our CNV-DMXR you can easily control stage lighting and effects using DMX512 or DMX-RDM and a DMX controls board.

Driver Health Monitoring:

Right before LFI, the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) announced the extension of the DALI-2 certification with additional features and functions, creating the D4i program.  The main focus of the D4i certification is intra-luminaire communication and expects to launch in Q3 of 2019.  Inventronics is a member of the DiiA, has extensive DALI-1 enabled drivers and will be introducing DALI-2 drivers very soon.  In the meantime, you can take advantage of our Digital Dimming drivers which does allow users to read back information from the driver over a UART bus.  To learn more about these drivers and their features, visit here.

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