Hangzhou, China

Inventronics expands their new cost-optimized family of Controls-Ready, IP66/IP67 LED drivers to include models delivering 100W and 150W of constant power at a wide output current range. This is in addition to the previously released 75W, 200W and 240W models. The EUM-100SxxxMx and EUM-150SxxxMx supply OEMs with minimized inventory SKUs, increased design flexibility for various applications, simplified wiring for low voltage controls and a wide input voltage range of 90-305Vac to assist world-wide projects.

The expanded EUM-Mx series are ideal for smart lighting applications by providing Controls-Ready functionality that allow for a cost-optimized solution by eliminating additional wiring, power equipment and voltage/power constraints. Their effortless integration with sensors or control systems ensure an optimal lighting performance ready for any input.   The Dim-to-Off feature allows the user to turn the driver output off electronically which bypasses the power and voltage restraints associated with AC relays. The Always-On Auxiliary power of 12V, 250mA powers the controls module directly, eliminating the need for a power pack. The auxiliary power also provides a transient peak up to 10W to allow for more controls, such as radios that tend to spike power periodically.  The LED driver auxiliary voltage also provides inherent protection from AC line voltage disturbances by leveraging the internal protection to include surge and under/over voltage protection.

The EUM-Mx series offers OEMs valuable time-savings with programmability through Inventronics programming software allowing for in-house customization without the need of powering on the driver. The EUM-100SxxxMx supplies the full 100W of power from 700-2800mA while the EUM-150SxxxMx delivers the full 150W of power from 700-4200mA. For added convenience, the EUM-Mx family provides two separate series with numerous safety certification options to ensure a simple design-in process across multiple regions. The EUM-MG models are equipped with a global cable that can be used world-wide to help reduce inventory SKUs and minimize overstock. The EUM-MT models bring the added convenience of UL Class P to allow manufacturers to quicken their speed to market.  They also offer flexibility by providing isolated 0-10V, PWM and multiple timed dimming options.

The expanded EUM-Mx models utilize the same proprietary encapsulation process and rugged extruded metal housing as previous models. They are IP66 and IP67 rated increasing their reliability and ability to operate in harsh outdoor conditions and strenuous applications such as bay, area, tunnel and roadway lighting. They also help protect against poor power quality supplied to the LED driver, reducing maintenance costs and safeguarding the luminaire. This is achieved through a high level of protective functions, including Input Over Voltage Protection (IOVP), Input Under Voltage Protection (IUVP) and an industry-leading surge protection of 6kV (differential mode) and 10kV (common mode).

The EUM-100SxxxMx and EUM-150SxxxMx are approved to UL (Recognized and Listed), FCC, ENEC, CE, CB, CCC, PSE, KS, KCC and Independent Use standards. Please check with Inventronics factory or your sales representative to select the appropriate model based on certification requirements. Production quantities of the EUM-100SxxxMG, EUM-100SxxxMT, EUM-150SxxxMG and EUM-150SxxxMT are available now.